What is this?

NomadProof is a cool thing you can use right before you get on a plane, when you’re asked about proof of onward travel. You can show the check in counter you have a ticket out of the country, even if you haven’t bought one yet.

Are these real tickets?

NO. These are itineraries generated from a real ticket system - they are real itineraries, but not paid-for tickets.

Can’t airlines see it’s not a real ticket?

The only way they can tell, is if your ticket is with their airline. As long as your itinerary is with another airline, you’re fine. ALSO: because we got a lot of questions about this --- The system we chose to use is a protected system - it actually says on the website when you buy a ticket "airlines will not be able to access this booking."

Isn’t it better to rent a ticket?

Not really. You can rent a ticket, but you don’t need to - all you need to do is show a confirmed itinerary.

How much is this?

$25 for lifetime access to as many itineraries as you want to generate. It takes 10 seconds and you get access anytime - it will always be available.

Why is it so cheap?

We love our travel community! We got tired of dealing with bad customer service, ugly itineraries and waiting for confirmations - also wasting money on cheap throwaway tickets! We wanted to make this a no brainer for everyone. Sign up today and get access to your unlimited proof of online travel.